Thursday, December 12, 2013

Super easy spray painted earrings

You might remember a few months back when I had these earrings featured as a guest post on Sewing Barefoot.  As I wanted to share some amazing, inexpensive, projects that would make amazing Christmas gifts this year, I decided to share them here too. 

I bought these little metal pieces from a local craft store, Ben Franklin (I love that store and practically live there, I swear).  I really liked how they looked and although at the time I had no idea what I was going to do with them, I had to have them.  Plus I think they were maybe $1 for the pair. 

And they are pretty right?  

When I was cleaning up and organizing all my craft stuff over the summer (why is there so much stuff?  I swear it just multiplies), I came across them again since I had lost them for a while.  I had just finished working on my washi tape earrings, so when I found them, I immediately thought EARRINGS!

They needed color though.  So in natural Randi fashion, I spray painted them teal, because what is better than teal?  Nothing.

After I sprayed them and before they were dry, I turned them over on the paper and kind of rubbed some of the paint off, which is why they have a slight aged look to them.

Once they were dry, I looped a ring and a fishhook through them and viola!  Brilliance.

The spray paint I used was a satin finish.  They aren't super shiny, but they aren't flat either.  They are SUPER lightweight too.  

Total time with drying was about 20 minutes.  Total cost was about $1.50.  

After my friend saw them on Facebook she requested a pair, but I did her one better.  While on my long road trip over the summer, I took this pair with me and gave her the famous pair from my blog that has been all over the interwebs. So now when she wears them, she can say she is wearing famous earrings.


  1. U keep usin' Matt's fishhooks, he's gonna notice!!!

  2. I love these. Not just a little bit but a lot. And Teal makes my heart go boom! I need to make some!


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