Monday, January 20, 2014

Bubble Activities

January 8th is National Bubble Bath day.  Yes you heard me correctly, there is a national day for bubble baths.  Pretty neat right?  When I saw that it was National Bubble Bath day, I decided I wanted to share this event with my play group.  However, I wasn't up for taking a bubble bath with everyone, so instead, we did a bubble craft!

I got a group of eight 2 year olds (and one 5 year old), to my house.  Where I officially lost my mind was when I let them loose in my living room with paint brushes, finger paints and plastic bubble wrap.  Did we survive?  Well keep reading...

I covered my coffee table with a plastic table cloth, you know, those ones you get from the dollar store?  They are quite possibly the best thing I could ever keep in my crafting arsenal.  I use them all the time and since they are only $1, I don't feel bad when I just roll everything up and throw it away.

Then I wrapped all the kids up in the smocks we used at Lucy's Rainbow Birthday party.  Could he be happier??

Then, well, we let the kids loose.  They got to paint all over their sheet of bubble wrap in any pattern or way they wanted.  They were all pretty focused on their work, Dexter especially, as long as I kept paint in front of him he was good.

When they were done painting on their bubble wrap, we laid a piece of white paper on top and patted it down a little.  Carefully, we lifted it off the wrap and voila!  A masterpiece!

All the kids did an amazing job and I was completely surprised that when all was said and done, there wasn't a DROP of paint on the floors.  

And the masterpieces:

And when I mentioned above that I love using the disposable table cloths, this is why.  When we were all done, I just wrapped up the mess and threw it away.  Easy-peasy.  Clean up was faster than setup!

There are so many things that you can do with this activity.  I think I'll be doing it with my girl scouts soon too but we will paint bee hives and flowers!  Have you ever tried this?  


  1. Boy the kid is gettin' a set of "Chompers"......Nice project with a perfect clean up.......Of course we WILL find out if the clean up is REALLY perfect when the Girl Scouts do the project.......That will be the real test...

  2. Well if my 5-6 year old group is worse than my 2 year old group...well...I might be scared :)


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