Monday, January 27, 2014

Dexter's Cars Birthday

Well, my little boy turned 2!  How did that happen???  One day he was this crazy little newborn and now, he's an even crazier 2 year old.  

So this kid is OBSESSED with cars.  And when I say obsessed, I do mean obsessed.  Anything with 4 wheels is a car.  He usually always has one car with him at all times, if not more.  So what better way to celebrate his big day than with a CARS birthday??  

I tried to serve foods that you would find at a race track, like hotdogs, nachos and chips.  I also made chocolate fondue, which I labeled "Motor Oil."

The cake was a basic chocolate boxed cake.  I was going to get a little more wild with it and cut the center out and wrap it in fondant to look like a tire, but I hadn't ever worked with fondant before and I didn't want to risk it hours before the party started.  So instead, I just made a double layered chocolate cake and wrapped it with a checkered ribbon.  And the candles, well they were left over from Lucy's rainbow party last year.

I also picked up a donut pan from Michael's but instead of making donuts, I used brownie mix.  I like to think they look like "tires" but they taste far better, although I haven't actually tasted a tire...

His banner...well let's talk about that for a bit.  I looked every where for checkered paper to make a banner and could not for the life of me find any.  So I found this plastic one on Amazon, and then used my Silhouette to cut out the circles and the letters, which I glued on.

The Speed Limit sign, I also made using my Silhouette and then I laminated it.

And I had to stay on theme even with my condiments.

And accessories.

The kid's activity table was full of little cars that I picked up from Oriental Trading company.  I got these, these and these.  I also got some white cars to color but I can't find them on the site now.

The pit passes I made using my Silhouette and then I laminated the as well.  With our little family party, there was 7 girls attending and only one little boy aside from Dexter, so I got a bunch of girly lanyards for them.

These little glasses made it about 20 minutes into the party before Dexter ripped pretty much all of them apart.  But they look great right?

I made these favor bags by cutting some 2" circles from my Silhouette and then gluing them on.

The super large "D" was just a cardboard letter I got from Joanne's and I painted it black.  The yellow dashes are duct tape.  I also hot glued some cars onto it.  This made Dexter extremely upset.

Once the crafts were done, which Dexter had no interest in, it was time to sing Happy Birthday.

After he blew out his candle, he went hands first into his cake.

And then he tried to share.

And like any smart kid, decided against sharing.

When we told him he needed to get cleaned up, this was his reaction.

We had an amazing time and I am so thankful for everyone that joined us.  I can't wait to show you the presents I made for him too, but those are coming next week!

Happy Birthday Dexter!!!!


  1. What a GREAT Party!!!!.........I would like a Pit Pass for the next one!!!!............Happy Birthday my Big Good Boy!!!!!

  2. Super creative! I love the brownie tires!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is adorable! I love all the work you put into it :)

  4. Perfect party! Great job Rando!

  5. So cute Randi. I am in awe of how creative your are!

  6. You really ARE crafty. Way to go, mama!


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