Friday, January 17, 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Well hello there.

Let's talk hair.

Because IT'S TIME!

And I'll throw a quick disclaimer out there for you all.  I am not a professional.  I don't know anything about hair and hair styling except that I like having my hair done and I love the gal that does it.  Also, in no way was I paid for this post.  I found Peyton and paid for my services.  I just loved it so much, I have to tell you about it and her. 

I showed up to my appointment with my hair in this stupid ponytail which has been my "go-to" style for about two years.  Sure ponies are the easiest thing to have right now.  It's easy to just throw it up and run out the door.  But, ponies no more!!  (Well at least most of the time!)

A little back story to my hair.  My mom works in a salon in Las Vegas and I would go about every 4-5 months and get my hair cut and colored.  It was one of the few things I did for myself.  When we moved to Seattle, I said "I'm still going to get my hair done," but I never did.  First I was scared of trying to find a new person.  Then when I did get the guts to start calling, to get what I wanted was over $200.  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!  Seriously.  Ridiculous.  When I found Peyton, I had obtained a card for a free haircut and figured what the heck.  I loved the hair cut so much, I made an appointment for highlights, which was $125.

So let me tell you about Seven.  First, they have a DJ.  Yea you heard me, a DJ.  They also have a coffee bar.  Oh yea, cooooffeeeee, be still my heart.  When you first walk in, they take your coat, and lead you to a dressing room so you can put on a robe.  Then they take your coffee order and take you to your chair.

Peyton came over and asked me what I wanted and I told her, half highlights.  She did exactly what I wanted. It was great.  And you know sometimes when you are getting whatever service done you feel a little awkward talking to the person, making small talk?  Well Peyton wasn't like that.  I felt that I had been seeing her for years.  She was extremely easy to talk to, and she even dealt with me pulling the mom card and showing her pictures of my kids.

When all was said and done, I not only got an hour and a half to MYSELF, I felt amazing after. Peyton did an amazing job on my hair and I left feeling pretty!  Because I felt pretty I ran into the nearest store and looked for some new clothes (but walked out with nothing actually).  But you can see how much happier I look, and I was.  I felt GOOD about myself.

I felt that getting my highlights, I felt more confident.  I felt like a woman and I felt just plain GOOD. It was nice to get that kid free time to do something FOR ME.

So ladies, my tip for you today for the IT'S TIME segment this week, is take the time FOR YOU and go get pampered.  Go get a hair cut.  Go get highlights.  Try something different and GO FOR IT because you DESERVE IT!  

If you live in the Seattle/Eastside area, I HIGHLY encourage you to call Seven and make an appointment with Peyton.  I get nothing in return for you using my hair gal, except for the satisfaction that you are going to leave looking amazing and feeling GOOD about YOU!  


  1. That's true about hair.......I get my hair cut at the same place I got my hair cut when I was 6 yrs old, but now, because the new barber tinted the windows, he gives me a free beer and I look at Playboy instead of Sports Illustrated.........All for $11-..........Vegas Rules!!!!!


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