Monday, January 6, 2014

It's TIME...for you

There are certain things that happen when you become a mom.  You gain weight, you lose weight, body parts shift around and you sometimes forget that you exist.  I find this to be even more true, forgetting about yourself that is, if you are a stay at home mom because it's so easy to get caught up in rushing your kids around from play date to play date, lunches to snacks, nap time to bedtime.

If you remember I wrote all about this on my Verity Mom submission.

When I worked outside the home, I would routinely get my hair done, I would get my nails done, I would buy myself nice clothes, purses, and shoes. I did this because I had to dress nice at work, I needed to look presentable in front of clients, members and our execs. I got up an hour and a half before I needed to be at work so I could shower, do my hair, my makeup and get my daughter to daycare. Heck, I even went to the gym most days. And I felt good about myself when I took care of myself. I felt important so I took more time.

I have re-read that paragraph a million times since writing it a few months ago.  It's funny how even though I wrote it, it still hits me like I someone else did.  For the past (almost) two years,  I have given everything to these kids.  Sure I have maintained this blog and I do some crafts for just me, but mostly, it's all about them.  And that's great, it is, but man, I miss me sometimes.  

See, something happens when you become a mom, sometimes, you get so lost in your kids, taking them to and from playdates, extra curricular activities, snack time...and then lets not forget cooking and cleaning. I had gotten so caught up in everything that was going on around me, I failed to remember the person that had to keep it all running: me.

It's hard when you re-evaluate your life.  It's hard when you look in the mirror and think, "who am I?" And the day I woke up and saw this strange worn out version of myself, I knew it was time to change. I didn't want to be the mom that hid behind her kids anymore.  I didn't want to be just Lucy/Dexter's mommy.  I wanted to be Randi again. I wanted to feel good, special, IMPORTANT.  

When I wrote that post for Verity, I wrote from my soul, I wrote only how I felt.  And all of a sudden, people started commenting on it, telling me how I gave their feelings a voice.  They have since removed the comments, but it was by far the most comments I have ever gotten on anything I have written before, ever.  Where I had once felt alone in my feelings, I soon saw that so many other women felt  I knew then that even if I didn't make it to the top three for the Verity contest, I needed to write these feelings and thoughts out about my journey to finding myself again, if for no other reason than to capture my own path, and maybe, just maybe, this journey will help you, or your sister, or your friends.  

So when I decided to start this series "It's TIME...for you" I had to dig deep into my own insecurities, my own faults, so that I could fix them, improve myself FOR ME, but knowing that by me writing about my experiences, I would (hopefully) be able to help others too.

"It's TIME...for you" will be a 12 week installment.  I will be going over 6 main topics and writing about each topic twice.  I want to share with you (yes you) how I am putting myself forward again, taking care of myself.  INVESTING in myself again with both time and money.

My topics will be:


If you want to take this journey with me, comment, let me know, lets do it together!  Have a topic you want me to go into more detail on, comment, email me, tell me!  



  1. I can't wait to read this! I was trying to explain to my husband this weekend why getting my eyebrows waxed after 2 years was so important. He did not understand!

  2. I will take the journey.....Let's ditch the kids and Randi and just focus on ME!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea. I'm really looking forward to this series of posts. I may not be a stay at home mom now but since I retired and often have grandkids underfoot, I can still relate.

  4. I am in!! And, if I had to pick one topic to go in depth over, it would be hobbies. I still work full time (50+) a week so whatever left over I have always seems like chores, kid, hubby....and then there is nothing left over.


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