Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #4

Well my Stitch Fix this month was less than exciting, but fortunately I was able to find something that I liked enough to buy.  Oh, are you still wondering what this Stitch Fix is all about?  Well let me give you a quick overview.  Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service.  You fill out a survey on your style preferences, a link to your Pinterest style boards, if you have one, and then every month, for a $20 fee, they send you 5 articles of clothing.  If you decide to buy anything, they apply the $20 fee towards your total.  If you decide to buy everything they send, they take 25% off your whole order.  Needless to say, even though I wasn't thrilled with this month's box, I am hooked and love everything about it!

***UPDATE!!! 1/15/14--A representative from Stitch Fix emailed me personally and apologized for my disappointment in my last Fix.  She asked me to list out things that I am hoping to see and any other additional information that I can give them about my style etc.  So I did.  I am confident that they will pull through and send me a box next month that is nothing less than awesome!

So let me show you what I got...

#1-Kut from the Kloth button-up shirt   $48
What I liked about this shirt is that it's a button up that fits my chest.  I like the color and the type of material.  I like that it's fitted.  I like that I can layer it if I want to.  


#2-THML cotton cardigan   $64
I liked the colors of this one.  I liked the fit.  The arms were too long for me though, and I kinda feel it was slightly too short.  I am also glad that the stylists listened to me when I told then I needed washable items.  What I disliked was that it was $64.  I also was slightly annoyed that they sent me a cardigan when I stated last month that I didn't need anymore.


#3 Ellison knit sweater   $64
There was nothing, and I do mean NOTHING that I liked about this sweater.  I felt like I was wearing a paper bag with a sheet over it.  The color was awful, the material was worse.  The sleeves were too long and I feel like it made me look frumpy, heck, I felt frumpy.


#4-Daniel Rainn peasant blouse   $64
I liked the color of this shirt, I really did.  But the color couldn't make up for the fact that it was fumpy, had the worst sleeves ever, and had a cut out at my cleavage that looked like a bullseye.  In the 5 minutes I was wearing this shirt, I had marks on my arms from the elastic on the cuffs.  It was awful. 


#5-Street Level crossbody bag    $48
I do love a good purse, but I didn't feel this was one of them.  First off, I don't even think my wallet would have fit in this, let alone, diapers, snacks, bandaides and whatever else I carry.  Sure this could be a "just going out" type of purse, but well, we don't go out much, and when we do, I already have a small one that I like.  Plus, I specifically asked for no accessories in my boxes since I don't wear a lot of jewelry and, as I stated, I already have a good stash of purses.


So all in all, not too thrilled with this box.  I really was hoping this would be the box that completely fit me in every way possible.  However, I feel that my stylist totally missed the mark.  I am hoping that next month is way better.

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