Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week's Menu 1/20-1/26

Two years ago on the 20th, Dexter was born.  He came out a fiery redheaded little boy and it was in that moment that I knew my life would be completely different.  And not different in a "I just added another kid to my life" kind of different, but a "every aspect of my life will be different" kind of way.  And it has.  

He's kept me on my toes more than I can ever express over the last two years.  He was a difficult baby, never sleeping, never wanting ANYONE but me for 14 months.  He was a bad sleeper as a baby and even a worse sleeper as a toddler.  

And now, unlike most 2 year olds, he's a pleasant little person to be around.  I like spending my mornings with him and I like seeing him grow and become this wonderful little boy.  And the fact that he listens and sleeps, makes my patience levels rise.  I am so lucky to have this boy in my life.

Now, this weeks menu will be a little off...I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon for this Whole 30 diet. I am going to try to get back on it this week, but we've had company in town so it makes it a little more difficult.  So bear with me.  

Menu Shopping List
L-eating out
D-eating out

B-eating out
D-not sure yet

B-oatmeal for the kids, fruit for me
L-salad with grilled chicken
D-grilled flank steak with tomato and red onion salad

B-fruit bowl
L-salad with grilled chicken
D-butternut squash with zucchini noodles and sausage

B-eggs and bacon
D-beef stir fry

B-fried eggs and bacon
D-chicken fajitas in lettuce

D-left overs
8 tomatoes
2lbs bacon
4 avocados
salad greens
3lbs zucchini
green onions
2 red onions
2 broccoli heads
3 green bell peppers
3 red bell peppers
butternut squash
4 chicken breasts
flank steak
breakfast sausage

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  1. Happy Birthday Young Man.....Grampa is always here for U......(Unless U get cranky, then U go back to Mom and Dad....


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