Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love in a window; A Valentine's Day banner plus a free cut file

I don't start decorating for Valentine's Day at our house until after February 1st since that is Matt's birthday.  And not that I like to decorate a lot, but I do like putting up something, you know, just to remind Matt that Valentine's Day is coming.

This year, I decided to whip up this banner and string it up in our front window.  I created 5 different types of hears to use and used, probably, about 7 or 8 different types of paper.  As part of my recent decluttering project, I found a bunch of pink, red and heart patterned paper that I am sure have had for years and had forgotten all about.  I cut out about 80 hearts, also keeping the insides for other Valentine Day crafts.  

I made 5 strings of hearts with 12 hearts on them each.  Three are hung in my front window, one above my fireplace, and I haven't decided where the 5th one is going yet.

I am loving this banner above my fire place though.  Especially because I LOOOOVE that painting above it.  When Matt and I first moved into our house in Las Vegas, we went looking for some art work for the walls.  We found this one on 90% off clearance at Joanne's because the frame was all scuffed up.  We got this painting for $4.56.  It's easily my favorite and I love the frame just the way it is, as a matter of fact, had the frame not been all scuffed, I wouldn't have bought it.

And because I want to share the love this Valentine's Day, I am going to share with you the file I made for this banner!

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