Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mod Podge stencils

Recently, I was selected to try out some new products by Mod Podge!  They are the Mod Podge Rocks Stencils and they are amazing.  They are offered in six different patterns and I will tell you, it was super hard deciding which ones I was going to request, but I went with polka dots and they keys.  

I didn't really have a project in mind when I received them.  But as I stood in my craft room looking around, I decided I was going to finally finish painting the cabinet doors on my Silhouette table.  A few weeks ago, I had spray painted them teal.  I let them dry outside in the rain on purpose because I wanted the rain to mess the paint up.  I figured if it didn't turn out good, I could always re-do it.  But in the end, I liked it so there.  

I decided that I was going to use the dots stencil to add something to this door.  What I like most about these Mod Podge Stencils is that they are sticky on one side, so once you lay them done, they won't move, but they are also super easy to take off when you are done painting. 

I just randomly laid the stencil on the cabinet door and then painted with a darker teal paint, a white color and a glitter white in ombre style and I used these spouncers to apply the paint. 

When the paint was dry, I used my Silhouette to cut some vinyl to add a quote.  I had a bunch of vinyl samples that I had received recently, so I used most of them to do the different colors.

I also purposefully made the letters crooked.  I didn't want it to be perfect.

I had some friends over when I was painting the dots on and one of the kids came running over to see what I was doing.  Well when she did this, she stuck her hand in the wet paint smearing the dots.  My friend felt awful, but I was delighted because I actually LOVED how it looked with the smear.  So I grabbed a paper towel and wiped away some paint from the other sections too.

And voila, my new cabinet door.  I actually LOOOOOVE it and feel that this quote is nothing short of perfect for me.  

**I was provided a set of stencils to review.  All opinions and comments are mine.  


  1. Fun! I love this - reminds me of graffiti. Very cool! Thank you!

  2. Ha ha. This is super fun, Randi! And that quote is perrrrrfect for crazy crafters like us!

  3. Oh that's perfect! And the stencils look great!


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