Friday, February 28, 2014

Showing our Disney Side #sponsored

Not too long ago, I was chosen to host a Show Your Disney Side house party.  They sent me a super huge party kit including everything you see below (and more), plus a super awesome suitcase!  So with that being said, I was provided supplies for this party and a hostess present but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Now I can continue...

The party started off with most of the girls changing into Lucy's princess dresses.  I mean, how can you have a Disney party without your princess garb on?

Then we played a round of Show Your Disney Side bingo.  Honestly, this was a tad confusing for the kids because it didn't have the cartoon pictures of the characters, but a picture of a "live" person.  Plus, my audience were all Kindergartners (for the most part) and couldn't read, but they had their trusty parents to assist.

We played bingo until each kid had won, which they all loved.

Next, we colored and decorated the shirts provided in the kit!  Instead of using the cookie cutters (that were also provided) for cutting cookies, I had the kids use them as stencils for their shirts!  They thought this was just amazing.

Then it was snack time.  We used the Disney plates, napkins and cups they sent!

Once snacks were over, I set the kids up to make their own Mickey ears.  I had traced and cut out he silhouette of Mickey and then trace a half circle to make the red part.  I dug around in my supplies until I found a bunch of white buttons too.

Then I had the kids glue the red half circle to the Mickey ears.  On top of the red, went two white buttons.  Then shazaaam!  Perfection!

When all the crafts were done, the kids went running off to play Frozen.  As a matter of fact, Lucy has been so into the movie, she asked that her gloves were photographed.  Strange child she is...

How do you Show Your Disney Side??

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  1. I swear with all the stuff that U do with your kids and the other "Gang" members, they are, as a group, going to end up RULING THE WORLD


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