Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #5

I went ahead and got another Stitch Fix box.  It was kind of against my better judgement since I wasn't happy with my last two boxes, but, after an email written personally from one of their stylists, I decided to just go for it.  

I was not disappointed.

Article 1:  Redhouse striped hooded sweatshirt   $108
I loved everything about this sweater.  This was the first article I pulled out of the box and fell immediately in love. And I do mean, I was IN LOVE.  I still regret sending it back, but I cannot justify spending that kind of money on one shirt. 

Status: Returned

Article #2: Hallowell Ombre Knit Sweater   $48
This sweater was different for me.  My stylist even made a comment that this sweater would have been out of my comfort zone, they they were right!  It is DEFINITELY not something I would have picked up on my own.  But I LOVED the colors.  LOOOOVED them.  I sent this one back because I was not 100% on board with how it fit me.  It was a tad too short for me and the weird holes down the sides made me feel as though it looked like it was frayed.  So I passed.

Status:  Returned

Article 3:  Kingston Airy Knit Hi-LO Sweater   $68
First off, excuse my hair.  It was freezing the day we took these pictures and I had been inside with my hair in a pony tail most the day.  Where I didn't love the cut of this sweater, I loved the color of it. It was a great color.  It was soft and cozy.  I am not a fan of the hi-lo cut though.

Status:  Returned

Article 4:  Tilda Colorblock Raglan Sweater   $94
Oh my stylist was after my heart when they picked this sweater.  Not only was this sweater the perfect color, it fit great.  It was comfy and perfect.  But it was $94, so I had to pass.

Status:  Returned

Article 5:  Muliken Raglan Striped Snit Shirt  $48
Stripes I love, CHECK!  Amazing colors, CHECK!  Somewhat, but not really, a good price, CHECK!  It was expensive, but it was great. It was comfy.  It was great color for me.  It's perfect for summer, fall, winter and spring.  I loved everything about this shirt.  I loved this shirt ALMOST as much as I loved the first one in this post, BUT, this was $60 less.  So I went with this one.

Status:  Kept

I could have bought three things from this box, but the total of those three things would have pretty much been what the whole box cost with the discount.  I couldn't spend $260 on clothes this month, especially for only 5 articles.

So all in all, where I thought Stitch Fix was missing the mark with me last month, I am happy to say, their new picks for me this month were perfect.  The colors were great, the fits were better.  My only problems this time were the prices.  But I emailed them asking for more affordable prices, we will see if they are able to accommodate this next month, I hope they do because I love this service!

Don't forget if you want to try Stitch Fix yourself, use my referral link!  And then come back and let me know what you got, because I am excited to see what my friends get!!!


  1. U look pretty Jazzy.........

  2. That first top was AMAZING! But, I am with you on the $$. Liking the one you kept. I have another box scheduled to ship later in March. Excited!!


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