Friday, March 14, 2014

Meat Pies for Pi Day

Here's another roundup for Pi day!  This one is all about meat pies though!  I cannot wait to get some of these in my belly!!

Meat pie by arbuz

Chicken Pot Pie by Chasing Some Blue Sky

Potato and Meat pie by Black book kitchen diaries 

Shepherd's Pie by Sowdering About

Meat Pie by Exclusively Food

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  1. When I was but a kiloByte, MomSo would make Pasties, which originally where made for the miners to take down into the Copper Mine in Butte, Montana..........They are like your Meat Pies that U show........I'd put dark gravy on them......They were VERY Good........We will need to teach new Louie how to make what first Louie made...


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