Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rainbow Crafts Roundup

I love rainbows.  They are so bright and happy, you just can't help but smile.  I also love doing rainbow crafts because the kids love the colors and they almost always come out looking awesome.  This week I put together some rainbow crafts that you can do with the kids and maybe at the end of your rainbow you will find your pot of gold!

St. Patrick's Day printable by Sweet Little Peanut

Rainbow Carnations by Sowdering About

Rainbow Cake by Sowdering About

Rainbow Stained Glass by Mom on Timeout

Rainbow Window Clings by Crafts by Amanda 


  1. Rainbows are great as they have all the "Colors of the Rainbow" in them.........Hmmmm, of course they do as they are Rainbows so they have to have all the colors of the rainbow...........Wait, this is a loop.............I could go on like this forever..........Sorry Randi


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