Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dollar Store Candle Upgrade; a guest post

I'm at home now and resting/healing, but I am still not back up to my normal antics...not yet at least. So today, I have another guest poster bringing a super simple project that you could even do with the kids!  Check it out!

Hi all! I am Kate from Nearly Crafty and I am swinging by to help out Randi while she is healing. Poor lady! Anyway, my blog is about DIY crafts and all the injuries I sustain during the creative process.

Today I’m going to share a simple dollar store project that required no bandaids or stitches upon conclusion.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Dollar Store Candle Upgrade

• Dollar store tall glass candle
• Washi tape
• Multi-surface paint or glass paint – 2 colors
• Foam Brush

How To

1. Wrap one strip of washi tape around the bottom of your candle about 3-4 inches from the

2. Wrap a second strip of washi tape above the first, leaving about ½ inch between the two strips.

3. With the foam brush, paint the bottom section of candle one color.

4. Paint the smaller section your contrasting colors.

5. Set the candle upside down and let the paint dry.

6. Remove the tape, and enjoy!!!

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  1. Good one.........Candles are "Forever"........I can't get over how many great ideas there are out there.....


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