Thursday, May 29, 2014

Floral Photo Board; a Tutorial

One of the decorations I had for Lucy's baby room was this monkey photo board.  It used to me mine when I was in high school, so when I did her room in a jungle theme as a baby, it got passed down to her.

Cute right?  Well, when I decided to redo her bedroom in a garden theme, I figured it would only be prudent to make her a new photo board that matched the theme a bit more.  I thought of 5 million a few different ways to make one and finally came up with this plan.  It's SUPER easy, and really, can be SUPER inexpensive too.


Step 1

I took the fleece and folded it over so that it was double layered.  You could use batting or foam, but I found that using a piece of fleece remnant from Joanne's was WAY cheaper, only about $3 for way more than I needed as opposed to the $9 a yard for the foam.  I made sure it was larger than the 12x12 canvas.

Step 2

I marked on the back of the canvas where the pre-existing staples where so I would try to staple into them.

Step 3

I then folded over one side of the fleece and stapled it in a few places.  Stretch it TIGHT.

Step 4
Then do the same for the decorative fabric.

Step 5

Turn over your canvas so you are looking at the pretty side.  I took my ribbon and measured it out on the board from corner to corner and then I measured my canvas to find the center on each side.  When you are done with that, you need to flip the canvas over again.  Hold the ribbon so that it's at the center, diagonally, and then staple it.  Then, pull your ribbon the the side directly on the right, and do the same thing.  Do this 4 times.  You also want to do corner to corner.  (I didn't get a picture of me doing the ribbon part, I'll update later with that picture.  For now, you'll have to settle with this one of it already done.)

Step 6

Take your xacto blade and very very carefully poke a hole at each crossing of the ribbon.  You need to do this carefully because you don't want your hole to be too big or the brad will fall through.  Your hole also needs to go all the way through the fabric, fleece and canvas.

(see picture from step 5, I again didn't get a picture of me poking the holes, I'll update soon with them)

Step 7

Insert your brads in the holes.  Flip your canvas over and push down the brad pieces super tight.  I used a hammer too just to make sure they were tight.

Step 8

Once you have inserted all the brads, flip your canvas back over and TA-DA! an amazing photo board!!  Now hang it on your wall!

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  1. i love this! it came out so beautiful! i can't wait for the whole room reveal!

  2. Despite crafting for years, I didn't realize brads came in anything but...little round brads. Those are super cute! Great project -- pinning!

  3. Super Cute! I made one once for Sophie's "peace" themed room, but sadly it did not survive the move. :(

  4. Louie needs several piks of her little brother in her room!!!.....

  5. "Have a Happy Saturday" too cute!!!! I love it. Oh yeah, and the board is great, too. Hehe. Love the print you picked! I helped my sister make one of these not too long ago. We stapled at the cross ribbons and hot glued buttons on. Brads probably would have worked much better!

  6. I will have to tell grandpa to come look at your post, he will be so honored to be on Lucy's board! Very cute

  7. Super cute! Love the square brads in the centers :)


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