Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Bloomin' Love Frame

This Mother's Day I got my mommy group together and we made these little frames.  It's a little unfair to the moms since they have to assist to make their own gifts, but the kids LOVE doing it and really, I think the moms do too.  Last year, if you remember I did little magnetic frames, so I figured this year, we should do pictures again so that us moms can "see" the kids grow. 

Wooden frames (I used the $1 ones from Michael's but these are similar enough)
Sharpies or crayons

After getting all the supplies together, I set the kids up outside to do their craft.  It was an amazing day in Seattle so it was perfect for doing this craft outdoors.  Each kid got a flower and a paper stem that I cut out with my silhouette, a frame and some crayons. 

They quickly got to work drawing their sky and grass so they could "plant" their flower.

After they "planted" their flowers, they glued their picture in the middle of the flower, quickly turning it into the cutest picture ever.

I can't wait to open my gifts on Mother's day! ;)


  1. That is really nice......When the kids get bigger, your Mom's Group will have to invest in a 3D printer. Then the kids will rule the World! This is a really nice project!

  2. Yay this was so much fun I gave mine to (mimi) the Jaxsens grandma!!


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