Sunday, May 4, 2014

This Week's Menu

Well, well, well...

Turns out when I don't have a menu plan made, we eat out...a lot. Which is what we ended up doing last week.  It's kinda scary eating out now because I don't know what is in everything that I am eating.  The problem with this is that I am not sure how much butter and oil is in it, I also don't know the fat content which makes it more difficult for me to keep track of my total fat intake.

However, it is also helping me realize that I can eat more than just a salad when we go out.  I don't have to be so afraid to eat a meal, I just have to be smart.  Obviously, I am not going to order fried chicken or most red meats.  I am also not going to order anything with lots of sauce or gravy because those are typically made with half and half, which I can't have.  So it's a learning curve for me and slowly I am getting there.

The next issue I am experiencing, is that regardless of just getting home from SNAP!, I am completely unmotivated to craft.  I don't know if I have just been so consumed with food that I can't think of anything else, or if, as my friend Jackie said, my creative gene was located in my gallbladder and now that it's gone, so is my inspiration.  I really hope it's the former and not the latter because then there would be no hope for me.

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of research on food and have attempted to make a good menu plan that I can stick to this week.  We ate out a lot this last week and honestly, I need to get back in the kitchen, not just because it's expensive eating out, but I really need to keep better track of what I am shoving in my face.  I have a new Pinterest board too that you should follow so you can see all the exciting recipes I am adding that I should be able to eat!  So, check it out!  This menu is pancreas approved (but I'm not an expert so don't actually quote me on that!).  Oh and I did a Costco run this week so I don't need to buy much meat.

Menu Shopping List
B-Grape Nuts cereal
L-salad with strawberries and blue cheese crumbles
D-tuna melts

B-Grape Nuts cereal
L-"snack" lunch and salad
D-lettuce wraps

B-Grape Nut cereal
L-hot dogs
D-ground turkey burgers with baked beans

B-cinnamon rolls
L-"snack" lunch
D-fettuccine alfredo with chicken

L-"snack" lunch
D-sweet and sour chicken

B-French toast kabobs from my roundup last week 
D-cheesy broccoli soup

B-Mother's day breakfast, leaving it up to Matt!
L-leftovers (or if I am lucky, eating out :P)
D-homemade pizza, or left overs, or BBQ

tuna in water
hot dogs
water chestnuts
keiser rolls
spaghetti noodles
fettuccine noodles
blue cheese crumbles
2% sharp cheddar
low fat mayo
rice wine
baked beans
penne noodles
elbow noodles


  1. I don't know your specific dietary needs, but Sophie can no longer have sodium (which is in EVERYTHING) so I have a new board called "Pass the Salt" on Pinterest that has tons of recipes on it. I just make them without the salt and you would never notice. And now when I have things with even a little raw salt in them, they seem SUPER salty to me.

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for hosting. Please stop by our party. We would love to have one of your amazing creations at our party.
    Happy Tuesday! Lou Lou Girls


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