Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chalk board terra cotta pots

At our Girl Scout meeting a couple weeks ago, I had promised the girls that we would plant our own gardens.  By garden, I simply meant that we would plant some flowers in little flower pots for each of them to take home.  They were thrilled with this!  I mean what little girl doesn't love having their own flower pot?

I wanted to do something a little more fun than just terra cotta pots though.  I mean, terra cotta pots are pretty cool, but there are so many ways to just give them a little...extra.

I have seen all kinds of ways of painting them, but we only have an hour for our meetings and kids painting can take ages.  I decided, on a whim, to spray paint them with chalk board paint.  This way the girls could color, customize, or "pretty" up their pots but then could wipe them off and start all over when they decided they liked something better.

The UPC stickers that were on the pots left an ugly mark which showed after I painted.  To cover it, I brought some rolls of washi tape for the girls to wrap around the tops.

I love how they came out!  And the girls did too, which is the most important part of all this!  What are some fun ways you've dressed up your flower pots?


  1. That is more clever than the Universe.......

  2. I love the chalkboard paint idea - it allows this craft to be "done" many more times - I can see them changing the designs & colors often to suit their ever changing moods. Great idea!

  3. I love chalkboard paint! This is awesome!

  4. These are awesome. Great gift idea. LoOoove it! :)

  5. Again - Perfect for little girls and their ever changing colors and styles.

  6. Just got a couple bigger flower pots from my grandma -- chalk paint might be the answer!


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