Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hogwarts; A History, built with Legos

Recently, I got the AMAZING opportunity to interview Alice Finch.  If you don't know who she is already, let me tell you!  She is an incredible lady who happens to have an extreme passion for Legos, which led to her creation of this ridiculously crazy awesome creation of Hogwarts made out of Legos.

The detail she put into this creation is amazing.  She recreated scenes from the book in the most magical way.  I can't even begin telling you how utterly amazed I was by seeing this.  It took Alice 18 months and over 400,00 bricks to build!  And I can tell you it was worth it because anything Harry Potter related is worth it.

I mean just look at the detail!

Seriously, I want this in my living room.  If it would fit that is.

I was granted the honor of interviewing her via email and I couldn't pass up the opportunity, I mean, she's a Lego "master builder" if you will.  I want to be her BFF, except I think she would probably kick me after my 18th rendition of "Everything is Awesome!" since I would serenade her all the time with it.

Anyway, moving along as less of a creeper...

Like I said, I got to interview Alice regarding her Legos.  I picked some super random questions I know, but these are things I wanted to know!  I mean, when you are stalking people because of their awesome Lego Master Builder Skills besties with someone, there are just certain things you have to ask.

1. What started you on this lego journey?  And why did you pick Legos out of all the kids toys out there? 
It was time spent in our Lego room with my older son that gave me the idea that I wanted to build again.  It is hard to be around piles of colorful, interesting brick and not want to tinker with it.  Of course there are other toys out there, but I think I’m more drawn to Lego because of its seemingly infinite possibilities and at the same time finite characteristics that makes for just the right combination of challenging and inspiring.
(See, she IS a master builder!) 
2. Why did you pick Hogwarts?  I mean, I know why Hogwarts would be your obvious choice but others might not be.
My older son was reading the first Harry Potter book at the time when the official Lego HP sets were being phased out and I managed to snap up a few of the sets. I built them and decided that I wanted to make them more realistic, more architecturally accurate.  I also wanted to make a Great Hall that he could play in and have his own adventures in.  (Which is why I am going to go live at Alice's house, especially if she lets her kids play with Hogwarts, she's bound to let me play with it too, right?)  
3. What were some of your interests as a kid?  And what did you want to be when you grew up? 
I spent a lot of time outdoors, building things either from scrap wood or blocks and some Lego, but also reading and playing music.  (ME TOO!  We are destined to be friends) 
4. Coke or Pepsi? 
Ha! Neither. I didn’t grow up drinking soda so I don’t have a taste for it now as an adult. (And then the deal breaker.)
5. As a mom to a little girl, it's hard to get away from princesses and the stereotypical girl propaganda. What would be some of your tips to letting girls know that there is more to life than dress up clothes and tea parties? 
Look around at the world.  There are many things that are colorful and interesting that are worth noticing. Steering away from what the toy industry thinks girls should do is challenging for sure, but it can also be a way to transition to looking at more of the world or a broader picture. If you like princesses, then look at castles- real castles and see what they are made of, how people lived in them then and now, and where they are built.  I think the Friends sets made by Lego can also be a good starting point for this as well. There are sets and colors that attract girls and get them interested in building. Once they see that they can and that it is fun and exciting to build and play with Lego sets, then that can be the jumping off place for building from other themes. (And I totally agree with all of this, I have encouraged Lucy to pick up the Lego friends kits as much as possible because it gets her thinking and building!  And I heard that Lego is going to be coming out with an inventors set made with women characters soon, this I cannot WAIT for!)

6. Lastly, Hogwarts...Rivendell...I have to know, what's next? 
I’m not building anything massive this year. I’ve got a few smaller projects that I am working on, such as the Master’s Hall from Laketown in the Hobbit. Next year, I hope to do another large project and I’m collecting materials and doing research and planning in my head for how it will work. So look for something big at BrickCon in 2015!

Thanks so much to Alice Finch for taking the time out to answer my questions.  I simply cannot wait to see what is in store next for her and encourage all of you readers to check out her Flickr account for pictures of not just Hogwarts but Rivendell too!

And don't forget to follow along and keep up with to learn when the next Brickumentary is coming up!

And dear baby Jesus, she did the Quiddich Pitch too!


  1. That is so cool---my kids, and me too--would die over that! So much fun detail!

  2. What a fun, great interview! And her work is jaw-dropping - I can't imagine the patience & skill required.

  3. Randi - Great job! Loved the interview and I am amazed by the not so miniature Hogwarts.

  4. That is so awesome!!! What a great opportunity!

  5. OMG! Where does this live? Like did she build an addition just to house her Harry Potter build? It is so incredible and yet all I can see is my little ones destroying it and creating a tiny lego filled minefield in my living room. I am such a debbie downer...

  6. Oh. My. Gravy. !!! Her work is...I don't have words for how great! Loved the interview!

  7. Ok so to be honest, I'n not really a big Harry potter fan. I tried but just couldn't get into it, and at this point in my life, Legos are just ok hahah, BUT this BLEW ME AWAY! I loved every bit of it! Great interview and I am so intrigued by these photos. Fun post!

  8. I love Legos! What a cool opportunity.

  9. The detail is so amazing--nice interview!


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