Monday, June 16, 2014

Strawberry picking at Bolles Organic Farm

One of our adventures that we went on while my nieces were in town was hitting up Bolles Organic Berry Farm.  It's a quick drive up north of us in Monroe.  I was actually surprised at how quick we were able to get there. Upon arriving, the first thing the kids noticed was the smell, since there is a dairy farm down the street, my nieces' first comments was how it smelled like cow poop.  This was quickly forgotten once we got to the strawberry fields where they ended up being in strawberry heaven.  

A couple friends of ours came with us too, and the four girls went wild picking strawberries.  they were so excited I let them fill two full boxes of them.  We will have strawberries for ages since I froze three cookie sheets of berries for later.  

And in typical fashion, Dexter was a grumps but mainly because he had fallen asleep on our way there and didn't get a good nap before picking.  After picking eating about 30 strawberries he was done and wanted to leave.  

Anyone have Strawberry Fields Forever stuck in your head yet?

Overall, we had a great time, cranky baby and all.  We left with about 20lbs of strawberries too.  

The owners of the farm were super nice and helpful and they answered all the millions of questions that the kids needed answered as we were checking out.  They also told us that they we could come and pick raspberries when that season was open too. And we will totally be going because I really loved this farm.

And here is the aftermath of Dexter and the strawberry farm.  Something tells me that although he was tired, he loved it!

Follow Bolles Farm on Facebook to get all the details and info of when they are open and what season they have open for berry picking!  This review was written based only on my opinion.  I was not paid nor compensated in any way for writing this.  I just love the farm so much I wanted to share it with the world!

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  1. By the time U guys get done, there won't be any strawberries left for the rest of us........


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