Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Week's Menu

My family got in on Friday night and since then it's been a whirlwind of awesome!  I love having my nieces around, they are amazing little humans.  And Lucy couldn't be happier, she's got live in friends!

Another amazing thing that happened this week was that Lucy learned to ride her bike.  We've been struggling with this for a while now because she was terrified she was going to fall.  I decided to follow in my neighbor's footsteps, and we removed her pedals from her bike and had her learn first to balance.  We did this for two weeks.  Over the weekend we were at a friends house and her daughter has been riding her bike for over a year now. Well, it was peer pressure at it's finest because our friend's daughter cheered Lucy on and the next thing we knew, she was flying!  Now we can't get her OFF her bike!  It's amazing!

I am also excited this week because we finally got the replacement parts we needed for our BBQ and now we can grill whenever we want!  Bonus points because now I don't have to turn my oven on again all summer!

MenuShopping List

L-bento boxes or "snack" lunch
D-BBQ pork ribs with grilled veggies

B-English muffins
L-hot dogs
D-chicken kabobs with grilled veggies

B-cinnamon rolls
L-bento boxes or "snack" lunch
D-grilled chicken breasts and potatoes

L-bento boxes or "snack" lunch
D-BBQ pizza

B-pancakes and bacon
D-BBQ carne asada tacos

D-beef kabobs with grilled veggies

  • hot dogs
  • lunch meats
  • cinnamon rolls
  • English muffins
  • Fruit/veggies to snack
  • red peppers
  • onion
  • ground turkey
  • asparagus 
  • mushrooms
  • lettuce
  • corn on the cob
  • pepperoni

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  1. Louie and I can go bike riding now, as I am riding MY bike to school every day....It is a blast!!!


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