Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Week's Menu

Well here we are in Las Vegas, quite possibly the hottest place ever in all the universe.  Why I thought coming to Las Vegas in June was a good idea, I will never know.  Another thing I will never understand about myself, is how I lived here for 30 years prior to moving.  30 years people, and I can't hardly breathe now walking out the door.

Even poor Dexter, who spent all of 3 months of his life in Las Vegas, walks out the door, puts his hands up to shield his eyes and says "hot hot hot!"  Lucy keeps trying to tell me she likes the heat and then 5 seconds later is complaining that she is sweating or that she has a headache.  In short, we are all melting.

It's funny how being away for just two measly years can do that to a person, make it to where they have trouble tolerating a climate that they once did.

I'll be happy to be back in Seattle, back to the rain, back to the highs of 75 in a few more days.  In the mean time, I will share with you my proposed menu plan for the week.  We obviously aren't cooking, but come along with me while I share with you my favorite places to eat in Las Vegas!

MenuShopping List
B-Omelet House
D-Farm Basket

L-Red Robin
D-In and Out Burger

B-Starbucks or the Cracked Egg not sure yet
D-Cafe Rio

B-Dunkin Donuts
L-Pizza at my friends house
D-dinner with the inlaws

B-Dunkin Donuts before the splash pad
L-Pizza with my dad (possibly)
D-Still up in the air, we have a play date at 6 so we might eat there, we might eat before.

L-up in the air right now
D-dinner with my dad and step mom and nieces and maybe my brother.  We will probably hit up Macayos which is a staple place for us to visit while we are here

B-Not sure yet, probably Starbucks again as we are leaving to head back home!
L-Something quick since we will be driving
D-Something in the fun city of Mt. Shasta hopefully!
  • zip, nada, nothing, zilch 

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