Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Week's Menu

We are back from our trip to Las Vegas.  I am so glad to be home. It's always fun to get out and visit family and friends that we haven't seen in a year, but man, the heat really does get to you quickly. And man, it's BRIGHT in Las Vegas.  But, our visit was fun and very nice.  The kids loved spending time with all their grandparents and cousins and I got my hair done and my nails so I was able to get some pamper time in also!

I feel very refreshed too.  Not that I didn't do a million hours of running around, but the time with my kids was the best time ever. They were great, our time spent together was not stressful as it usually is and overall, I just enjoyed them.  Truly, truly enjoyed them.

Now that we are home, I can get back to my regularly scheduled crafting!  I have a bunch of super fun 4th of July crafts to share with you this week, which might just outdo last years!

My dad is visiting until Wednesday and so we might be going out to eat a little because I am so excited to take him to a couple of our favorite places, but other than that, here is my little list for the rest of the week!

MenuShopping List
L-grilled cheese
D-eating out

D-eating out maybe or BBQ

D-BBQ chicken with veggies

B-cinnamon rolls
L-left overs
D-BBQ pork ribs and salad

D-BBQ pizza

L-left overs
D-BBQ tri-tip with veggies

B-french toast
L-left overs
D-BBQ shrimp and chicken with corn and onions                                                                                              
  • chicken breast
  • veggies and salad fixings from the Farmer's Market
  • pork ribs
  • bread
  • tri tip
  • a can of beer 

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  1. The Monday Grilled Cheese was to die for, I kid U not.....


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