Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chalk board placemats

It never fails that the second I say, "I am going to get dinner started," both kids lose their heads. "OHMYGOODNESS!  Did she just say foooooood??"  And it doesn't matter how much food I set out for snacks while I am preparing dinner, they are STARVING RIGHT NOW and NEED MOAR FOOD!!!

Seriously, it's exhausting.  

Sometimes, however, I am able to keep them entertained by setting them up at the kitchen table, providing a plate of snacks and chalk.  Yes, chalk. Go on, keep reading...I'll explain  

chalk board fabric
fabric of your choice
a sewing machine
a very nice and willing grandma

See, last Christmas, I commissioned my grandma to sew up some chalkboard placemats for my kids.

Not only is my grandma super nice for doing all my sewing for me (I don't know how to sew), she is also very honest about doing projects for me.  She told me that the chalk board fabric was very difficult to work with and that if I ever sent her some again to sew with that she would send it back. Of course, this is only half true, she loves me too much to hurt my feelings, but fortunately for her, I don't have any other projects that require chalk board fabric.

I've been using these placemats almost every night so Lucy can practice her letters and sight words. She also likes to use this fun little chalk board drawing book that I found at a used book store a few years ago.  

Dexter likes to just scribble all over them, but that's fine, because the greatest thing about the chalk board placemats, is that I can just wipe them down when they are all done.  

The placemats don't keep them busy and completely interested for a huge significant amount of time, however they keep the busy enough that I am able to at least prep dinner and get it started before they start arguing over who has what color chalk and the melt downs of "but my cat doesn't look like a cat, it looks like a lion but I wanted to draw a cat!"

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  1. Yes, your Gramma is the GREATEST!........And I am going to look for a copy of your Chalk Book.....I like chalk, but we were too poor to have chalk when I was a kid, we were so poor I had to play golf with "used" golf balls!!!!

  2. Fun! I totally need one of these for my 3-year-old when we go out to eat!

  3. Madeline said "Ahhh!! I want one!!". This is really great!

  4. This is a brilliant idea! Both to get grandma to sew for you and to have a before dinner busy project for the kids. Darling placemats! :)

  5. Too cute. You always have the best ideas.

  6. These are really super cute! What a great idea! :)

  7. Very cute.. good way to keep the kids entertained!


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