Monday, July 21, 2014

Doll Furniture Redo

Some of my favorite projects I do are the ones that have a great story behind them.  Those stories could be funny, sad, complicated or just plain ol' sentimental, like this one.  This one is one of the sentimental ones.  Part of this furniture is 25 years old, which is crazy to think about, but let me tell you a story...

When Lucy was born, my cousin, Josh, gave me this doll bed and high chair.  His mother-in-law built them for his daughter, Jessica, when she was a baby.  It was difficult for me to think that she had out grown them, but I guess kids do in fact grow up right?  But lets not talk about that because I am not ready for my kids to grow up, since just taking this picture made me super sad. 

**CORRECTION, after reading this post, my cousin Josh messaged me on Facebook and told me that his mother-in-law actually made this furniture for his wife and her sister first.  Then it was passed down to his daughter, Jessica.  So this furniture has now been passed down through 3 generations.

Anyway, Josh gave me this furniture it was always in Lucy's room. But she never ever played with it. It made me sad because I wanted her to love them as much as I did, I thought they were incredibly beautiful and sweet.  Last summer, when she still wasn't interested, I decided that I would just sell them in our yard sale.  

But as you can see, they didn't sell.  That's probably because I put them way in the back, under a table and hidden behind things so that no one could buy them.  I still wasn't ready to give them up.

Then, this summer, Lucy's favorite game has been "family" and she carries baby dolls around and when her friends come over they play "house."  I started thinking more and more about the doll furniture and possibly painting it so it was a little more fresh and updated.

The tipping point was when I was browsing my local Buy Nothing group and this chair was posted. For free.  And it matched PERFECTLY.  I put in my interest and to my surprise, I was chosen as the recipient.

On my way home from picking up the chair, I stopped by Home Depot to pick up some paint.  I ended up with some Rustoleum spray paint in Candy Pink and went to town.  I should have primed the furniture first because the pink is super light and it took about 4 coats of paint to cover it all completely, but regardless of that, they came out great.

The little stickers that I put on are wall stickers that I also got from the Buy Nothing group.  I just used a razor blade to cut them out.  The bedding for the baby bed was made by my extremely talented grandma, you might remember me talking about her before and her original Pinterest shelf. 

You might even recognize my old Cabbage Patch doll, Alberta.  She made a cameo awhile back on this breastfeeding post that I did.

The only thing I didn't paint was the bottom of the baby bed.  My cousin's mother-in-law had signed it back when she originally built them and I couldn't possibly over that up.  One day, I'll pass these along to another little girl and I will be able to tell the story of the evolution of them.  Heck, I may just pass these back to Jessica if she has a little girl herself.  Of course, seeing as she is only 20 right now, she better wait a few more years before having kids (:P).

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  1. I remember, that was the chair WE painted........


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