Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paper Bead Necklaces

One of the times my mom came to town to visit last year, we decided to take a paper bead making class at Impress in the U-District.  Lucy really wanted to come too, so I brought her along.  I was worried she would get frustrated and wouldn't want to keep up with it.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  

Not only did Lucy pick up on it, she did did better than I did, and heck, even better than some of the other adults there.  It was because of her enthusiasm for it that I decided we needed to do it again!

For this week's Kids Summer Craft Camp Blog Hop, the material to use was paper.  So I decided to set Lucy up again to make a few more beads so we could make her a fun little necklace!

Supplies (this post contains affiliate links)
scissors or a paper cutter

You could also buy this kit that basically has everything in it already.  We also have this one too which isn't awful but I haven't had any random empty plastic bottles laying around for it.

The book I have linked has all the directions in it showing you how to make paper beads and what the different shape paper will do to each bead.  But basically, it's as simple as rolling a piece of paper around the paper rolling tool.  You add a little bit of glue to the end to glue down the tail and BAM! a bead!

Lucy got to work on her beads and in no time she had made enough for a necklace (disclaimer:  she did not make all of these in one day, some of these her cousins made when they were here, but the rest are hers).  

When she was ready to string all them all together, we painted them with the bead glaze that came with the book kit.  You can also brush them with the tacky glue.

This little bit of stringing the beads together was a pattern in the book.  Except, I didn't know there was more to it than the first page...

So when I gave it to Lucy to put on and model for me, she was less than thrilled, if you can't tell by this picture.  She also told me that I needed to write that she was not happy and did NOT like this necklace because I did it wrong and that she wanted to make a new one, the right way.

Sadly for her, Dexter woke up from his nap about that time and we couldn't do more than this.

Aside from the fact that Lucy was less than thrilled that I messed up her necklace, at least I know that she is anxious to make another one.

You can make paper beads out of any type of paper too:
tissue paper
scrapbooking paper
magazines or those ads that you get from the post every week and just throw away
origami paper
old books
outdated calendars...

Sorry, I am starting to feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump now...

Now, it's time to head over to see what my friends have been up to!  And don't forget to follow along on Pinterest where I'll be pinning all our projects so you have a one stop place to locate all the fun!

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  1. These are cute! My mom has an incredible necklace from Africa using the same technique -- very cool that you can do it yourself!

    Her face is hilarious, lol!

  2. this is a super cute & fun project. I will show this to my daughter as she loves to craft! Thanks for sharing this! =)

  3. When your Girl Scouts get a bit older, they are going to LOVE THIS!!.....This will be trend-setting for the Middle School Crowd (We all know how crazy Middle Schoolers are!!!)........Good one.........!

  4. I think Lucy and Madeline would be great friends. She'll love making these, and she'll also make sure that I do them exactly right (if she even lets me help!).

  5. How cute--those are such great colors!

  6. SO much fun! I always wanted to do this when I was a kid, but I soooo didn't have the patience for it! They look awesome!

  7. I am so amazed at what strips of paper and a little glue can create! This necklace is dang cute and so is Lucy!!

  8. Hi Randi! These beads turned out great! Thank you again for sharing this at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party. Hope to see you this week.


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