Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wood Stamps

Rounding out the last week of the Kids Summer Craft Camp blog hop, I am sharing with you today, probably the lamest easiest craft out there.  But the kids absolutely loved it!  We just took those silly foam stickers, stuck them onto some left over scrap wood and then used them like you would any other stamps.  

There had to have been something in the air lately because all the kids in our neighborhood were driving all the parents crazy, so naturally we gave them wood blocks and ink pads.  They all had fun though so really, that is all that mattered.  And this post is one to say, you know, not everything will turn out perfectly.  Not everything will be amazing.  But the common denominator is fun, so remember, as long as the kids are having fun, then you are doing a good job!

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  1. Nice.......That's a good philosophy........I wish I could have fun!!!


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