Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 tips for traveling alone

The last time I traveled by myself was just recently when I went to SNAP, I got to the airport an hour before my flight and hopped on and a hour and a half later I was in Salt Lake City on my way.

This weekend won't be that easy.  I'll be getting to the airport super early in the morning and won't be getting to New York until 6pm meaning I will be traveling for about 9.5 hours.  And I have to switch planes.  Monday, when I leave to come home, it's the same thing.  Two planes, 9 hours of travel.  But hey, I'll be solo.

I decided to write this list since there are a ton of "How to travel with kids" posts out there, heck I even wrote one of them, but I haven't seen much in the way of traveling alone.

1. Don't forget your electronics.  Pack your phone, your laptop, your kindle and even your gameboy (I'm old, don't judge me). You don't know what you will be interested in while you are sitting at the airport or in the plane.  You might want to play 4 hours of CandyCrush or FarmVille2. You might want to read War and Peace.  You don't know, so bring it all.  The best thing is, these items don't take up that much space.  And these days, most planes offer wifi.  And some even offer chargers at the seats.

2. Don't forget your chargers.  There is nothing worse, than being in the middle of a book on your e-reader and your battery dies.  Or you are in the middle of writing your first novel, a blog post or an email to your best friend and BAM! radio silence.  So don't forget your chargers.  I know this might seem like a completely obvious thing to take with you, but I can't tell you how many times myself, or Matt, have forgotten our phone charger.  The worst is, that even though you can usually buy a new charger at the airport, they are at least double what they are in the store.  So don't forget them.

3. Bring a book...or two.  Yep, I told you to bring a book.  There is something relaxing about turning pages on a book when you are reading.  I always like to bring a book as well as my kindle because I like to have options.  Sure I could just order the book on my kindle, but I have a bookshelf with 70 billion books and I am still trying to get through a bunch of them.  And being stuck at the airport is a good excuse to try to get through some of them.  Because even though you might want to play 4 hours of CandyCrush, there is really only so much you can play before your eyes bleed.

4. Bring snacks.  Airport food is expensive.  Like stupid expensive.  Check with your TSA rules to see if you can bring your own snacks, but you should be able to.  Granola bars are good.

5. RELAX.  If you have ever traveled with kids before, you know that on top of car seats and extra baggage and screaming kids, you have to maneuver the airport full of people who can't understand why anyone in the whole wide world would willingly put their child on a plane and ruin everyone else's trip, since you know, that is our exact intent when wanting to take kids on special trips, to ruin everyone else's.  When traveling alone, you don't have to worry about the extra baggage or car seats or screaming kids.  But what you can do, is fondly look towards the families that are traveling with their kids, and just be happy that this time, it's not you.  Sit back, read that book, play that game, without interruption.

Enjoy your trip!  May your travels take you to far off adventures!


  1. All good tips.......Travelling is SO MUCH FUN!!!........We would travel more but our Dog Sitter moved to Seattle!!!

  2. Your post brought me back to the blissful days of solo travel & encouraged me that it could happen again someday!


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