Monday, August 11, 2014

Apple earrings for that special teacher

The first day of school is just around the corner and with the promise of packed lunches and empty houses, I can't help but feel inspired to do a few back to school inspired crafts!  And I wasn't along in this feeling, Back To School was the theme for this month's Silhouette Challenge so make sure to scroll down and check out the other projects!

Of course, growing up the daughter of a school teacher, I know the importance of buttering up to your teacher on the first day of school and I know there is no better way of doing that than bringing an apple to your teacher.  Who am I kidding, teachers these days probably prefer a good hearty bottle of wine, but really, how would it look if you sent your 6 year old to school with a bottle of wine... 

This project was really quite simple, far more simple than I had expected really...first I bought an apple file from the Silhouette store.  To make it into a charm, I used the draw function to draw a circle and did an internal offset.  And then I merged the larger circle to the apple.  

When I had a good proper charm, I cut out 6 of them. 

For each charm, I glued three apples together.  I felt that was enough to make them durable enough to be charm, but not be too heavy too.

And for an added effect, I cut out a very small piece of green vinyl to add to the leaf.  

To give them some shine and added dimension, I topped them off with some Mod Podge Dimension.

When they were all dried, I added some jump rings and some fishhook earring and voila! magic was made!  These earrings are not only completely simple, but they are practically free to make as well! And who doesn't like an inexpensive project?

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  1. Love how these earrings turned out and it is genius to make them out of paper! Great work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My goodness, your apple earrings are just too stinkin' cute!! Such a great idea to layer the apples to create a little weight and durability.

  3. The Gift of Giving (to teachers) should not end on the first day of school...

  4. Dimensional Magic! I used it for a project recently and fell in love. These earrings are super cute! Did you use the DM on both sides?

  5. Wow what a difference the Modge Podge dimension made! They look as if they are made of acrylic! Great job!

  6. Those are really cute. The only thing I would do differently is flip one earring so they go the opposite way.

  7. You have seriously opened my eyes in a BIG way on how to hand scrap paper! I love these!!!

  8. I love these! I never thought to make charms out of paper like that. Very cute!

  9. What a cute idea! The teacher is going to love these! You are so clever.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  10. Supes adorbs! Love that our Silhouettes can churn out earrings...well, only when a creative brain is behind it! ;-) Fabulous job.

  11. What a cute and easy idea! I'll make these with the girl for sure!


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