Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Polymer Clay Necklace Charm

If you haven't noticed, I have been a little obsessed with these magnetic necklaces lately.  I have made several charms and I just can't stop!  They are going to make for some super fun gifts this holiday!

When my nieces came for a visit from Las Vegas, I was trying to wrap my head around what to do with an 8 and 12 year old while they were here.  I found this super cute little clay kit and thought it would be the perfect thing for us to work with. 

The girls and I made a million things while they were here, but it wasn't until after they left when I started thinking they would make a super fun addition to my magnet necklaces.

For this particular charm, you need 2-3 (or more if you are adventurous) colors of clay.  I am using the quarter here to show how big the amount of clay you need is.  And really, you don't even need this much.  This amount made two charms.  The funny thing about this clay is that a little goes a looooooooong way. 

After you smoosh it around in your hands for a bit to warm it up, you need to roll it out into a little "snake."

Make each color into a "snake."  As you can see below next to the sharpie, this is about what size they should be.

Carefully push them together so they stick together.

Next you want to make sure to carefully roll them together to make one large snake. Don't push them too hard together or they will start to blend and you don't want that.  To get them to swirl, you just need to twist them.

When you get a good swirl, roll it out so it's a thin snake.  When it's thin enough, you want to start to twist it into a circle like you see below:

As I was spiraling it, I also twisted the clay so that different colors would show in different areas.  It was fun to just play with it to see how it would turn out.

When I was done with the swirl, I threw it in the oven for 15 minutes at 265.  After it was cooled, I put a sparkle Mod Podge on it to give it a little shine.

When the mod podge was dry, I glued a magnet to it using E6000 glue, the best glue ever.

When the glue dried, I grabbed my little bottle cap necklace and just put it on!  And look, magic! I love the colors of this charm, it's so summery and even looks like those huge lollipops you get in Disneyland right?   The possibilities are endless with this magnetic charm idea!  I mean, check out this super cool one I made out of glass and vinyl!

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  1. U have cute fingers......Remember how much I like them when U are using your Chop Saw!!!.......And don't give me "Oh Dad!"

  2. That is totally nifty!! Can I use play doh for this??? LOL! It actually looks easy enough for me to try though. Just tell me, what is polymer clay and do I have to be precise about what I am using? Also, where do you get that glue?

    1. The clay you can get at Michael's or Joanne's for about $250 for 2oz. You don't have to be precise, it's super easy to use. The brand I typically use is Sculpty and it comes in a ton of colors. And you can get the glue at the craft store too :)


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