Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rachael vs Guy Kid's Cook-Off Interview

Well, I am sure that you have noticed the lack of menu planning.  Well, I've got a few things up my sleeve that I am working on!  But in the mean time, I have this fun little bit for you!

I am happy to say that I had the privilege recently to interview Amber Kelley, the 11 year old from Woodinville Washington that made it on to the Food Networks Rachael vs Guy Kid's Cook Off show.  

Amber, I am so excited to hear a local has made it into this once in a lifetime opportunity!  Congrats!  And thank you so much for meeting with me!  What made you want to apply?
Thank you for inviting me for an interview! I heard about the casting for the show from a friend and thought it would be super fun and a great learning experience! I also love Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri.

What got you into cooking?  Do you have a cooking hero?
My mom taught me how to cook and that’s how I got into cooking. I love watching Food Network and my mom is my cooking hero because she taught me everything I know.

I love that your mom is your cooking hero!  I love cooking with my daughter too and it would make me so proud to hear my own daughter say the same!

Speaking of my daughter, she is starting full day school in a few short weeks, what are some of your favorite, quick, lunches that you would recommend that I pack for her?
Lunchbox pizzeria is a great option! Here is a link: Anything that you can assemble yourself is fun!

And speaking of packing lunches, do you recommend packing?
I definitely recommend taking a lunch, instead of buying one!

What advice do you have for other kids your age?
Have fun cooking! Being healthy is cool, so don’t be afraid to eat veggies and fruits!

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to dance, sing, be with my friends and be with my family…and cook, of course!

My daughter, Lucy, is just dying to know, do you like legos?
I love legos!!!! Me and my sister play with them!

And in my daughter's world the most important thing after Legos is of course, Frozen, and Lucy is just dying to know, have you seen Frozen?
Of course I’ve seen Frozen! I’ve seen it like 15 times. It’s such a great movie! I love Olaf and Sven!

And lastly, what is your favorite food?
My favorite food is sushi. It’s so simple but DELICIOUS!

Oh sushi, one of my favorites too!  

Well thank you so much for answering these questions for me!  I am so proud that a local of Washington made it onto the show and I cannot wait to see all your amazingness on the show!

Now to all my readers, be sure to tune in to the Food Network to see how our very own Amber Kelley does! And don't forget to check out Amber's blog!

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