Friday, August 1, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #9

Another month and another Fix...and all I can say is that I still love it!  I haven't been smitten to the point of buying a whole box yet, but dangit, I can't quit them just yet.  But, if my next Fix comes through with more dry clean only clothes, I just might have to...

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#1 - Laila Jayde Cheryl Chevron Stripe V-Neck Tank  $28
I liked how this fit, I LOVED the colors.  Like ridiculously loved the colors.  I didn't like the seam down the center. I liked the material it was made with and I thought it looked nice on me.  It was hand wash only.  Because of this, I couldn't keep it.  I need wash and wear clothes and this did not fit that description.  The price was good though.

On Facebook, you all seemed to love it!  The few of you that said you didn't like it was for the same reason I didn't, the seam down the middle. 

Status:  Returned

#2 - FUN2FUN Fargo Pleat Detail Spaghetti Strap Tank  $38
The color on this shirt was great!  I loooove the bright color.  I did not like the fact that it hung super loose.  I also didn't like how it hung too low in the arm area when the straps weren't tightened all the way.  When the straps were tightened, it was too short for me. was dry clean only.  ::headdesk::

On Facebook, it seemed you all loved it!  There were a few comments on the length and worry about the arm holes, which were my reservations too.  

Status:  Returned

#3 - Loveappela Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank  $48
I loved the colors of this shirt and the cut and the style.  I loved how it fit and I loooved the pattern.  I thought it was flattering as well.  The only hiccup I would have with this shirt is that it is wash and no dry.  But I can live with that.  As long as I can put this shirt in the washer, I can lay it flat to dry.  I am ok with that.

On Facebook, I kinda feel that everyone was down the middle of the road.  Some liked the print, some did not like the print.

Status:  Kept

Matt asked me to be a I obliged.

#4 - Tart Daryn Solid Jersey Knit Top  $68
I super liked this shirt, it was so comfortable and I really liked the fit.  It also had a shelf bra in it so I liked how it fit up top as well.  I really loved the color.  But it was, after all, just a tee shirt so for $68 it wasn't a hard decision.

On Facebook, you all agreed.  It was just a tee shirt.

Status:  Returned

But I did love it.

#5 - Rosette Bellini Striped Sweater Knit Tank  $28
Oh where to start with this shirt...It was a knit top and was completely see thru which thankfully you can't see from this picture.  It was too short, it fit weird and I did not feel comfortable at all in it.

On Facebook, again, you all agreed.  Which just confirmed my feelings because with a shirt being only $28 from Stitch Fix, I almost felt back sending this one back.  But after a few comments were made about it reminding them of the Cat in the Hat, there was just no way I was even going to try to make this work.

Status:  Returned

Stitch Fix is still fun and awesome.  I really do love this service and I love getting a box of surprises every month.  It's because of my referrals that help me keep getting my boxes so if you are on the fence with trying Stitch Fix yourself, try it!  It's only $20 to start and that gets applied to your purchase if you decide to buy!

This post contains referral links.  If you sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link I get a $25 credit applied to my account.  


  1. You are super adorbs. I approve of your selection and return!

  2. U should have kept them all.......


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