Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pencil Charm Necklace

I am excited to write about this pencil necklace.  Ever since I did my apple earrings I have been kind of obsessed with making paper charms!  I especially am loving this pencil charm one!

I bought a cut file from the Silhouette store and modified it with a little circle to the top of it.  Like I did with the apple earrings, I offset the circle inward.  After a quick little merge of the bigger circle and the pencil, I had made a charm.  I cut out three of them and glued them together to make them thicker and less delicate.  

The details on the pencil, the eraser, pencil tip and dimension strip on the side, were all added using vinyl.  A few months back I requested a sample book of vinyl from 3M and they sent me one which was pretty cool.  It's only 2"x3" but it's come in handy for super small projects like this.   

After glueing and adding the details, I covered the charm with Mod Podge Dimensions.  

Here is where I can give you a quick tip.  If you, like me, are completely incapable of waiting for glue to dry and you try to use your blow dryer to speed up the process, just know, that it will ruin your project if you are using Mod Podge Dimensions.  I may or may not know this from experience. I may or may not have had to completely redo this project because of said...experience.  

When it was all dry (after only about 20 minutes without using my blow dryer), Lucy decided it was going to be hers to wear to school on the first day.  And, of course, I can't argue with that!

This project took all of 20 minutes from start to finish, not including dry time and not including having to start all over when I ruined it the first time.  It's a quick and easy project that is super versatile and new charms can be made for any occasion as I am sure I will continue to show you in the coming months because I am having so much fun making them!

This post was originally posted over at the Silhouette School as a guest post. 

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  1. I like the Pencil Charm............It's "Charming!".......(What do U know)


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