Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Week's Menu

Oh the good ol' days of school!  I am happy to say that this past week went better than I had expected or planned!  I got more done in this past week than I have almost all summer long.  I have to admit that having a schedule is the best thing for me and my family.

I am thoroughly enjoying our routine.  Of course, you'll need to remind me of this in about a month or two when I start wanting to get lazy and long for days when I can lay in my bed with the kids watching movies on our iPad until 9 or 10.

In the mean time, I am going to just relish in my productive days!

Now on to this week's menu!

Monday-pesto pasta with asparagus

Tuesday-chimichangas (should I post my recipe on how I make them?  Leave a comment and tell me if you would like to see it!)

Wednesday-chicken fried rice

Thursday- BBQ at the school (which was not last week so we went out instead)

Friday-homemade pizza

Saturday-meat pies...It'll be a modification of this

Sunday-BLTs with red bell pepper aioli (recipe will be posted on Saturday) and garlic parm sweet potato fries (will post the recipe soon)

Now to this week's lunch ideas!

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And last but not least, here is this week's Lunch Box Laughs free printable!  And don't forget to follow my Lunch Box Laughs Pinterest board so you can find them whenever you need to!


  1. Yes post the recipe for the chimichangas!! Yum you make me hungry!!

  2. I like the Menu.........Makes me hungry!!!


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