Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week's Menu

I was caught up on laundry.  I was caught up on cleaning (for the most part, are we ever completely caught up).  I was caught up on writing.  I was caught up on craft projects.  

And then I decided to redo my whole craft room.  Again.  I started working on it Thursday and have since been going through all my supplies cleaning things out, trying to figure out what to work on next and putting things back together.  The biggest problem with cleaning out my craft room, is that I find everything that I have, that I think is super cool and all the projects that I have started and usually have not finished.  See them all makes me want to do them  And it's hard for me to stay focused to finish what I need to finish, which was putting my room back together.  

But now, for the most part, things are put back together and I have a space to work again, but now, there are toys EVERYWHERE, the laundry is overflowing, the sink is full of dishes and I have nothing written for this week.  

As Kurt Vonnegut once said, so it goes...

So a quick menu plan, lunch pictures and lunch time laughs printable and then I guess it's off to cleaning I go...

Monday - twice baked potatoes with broccoli and onions and where I like to keep Monday's meatless, there will be bacon in these

Tuesday - shredded chicken tacos

Wednesday - chicken chili

Friday - homemade pizza using a recipe from a chef at Seattle Children's Hospital

Saturday - sloppy joes

Sunday - leftovers

Lunches last week were all pepperoni.  I asked Lucy what she wanted and that is what she said she would eat.  I also apparently missed a day taking pictures. 

And this week's Lunch Time Laughs!

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  1. I love this week's menu, it is SO family-like......When U were growing My menu was: Mon-Thurs-Pizza, wknds Donuts!


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