Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You'll be "nuts" over this necklace

I like to think of myself as a "tough" girl, but in reality, I'm not...I'm a scared of spiders, swimming in the lake and also, the dark.  I am not, however, scared of tools.  And by tools, I mean my husband's big woodworking tools.  It's not uncommon for me bust out his equipment and get to work on whatever project strikes my fancy.  Which, much to my neighbors' dismay, I do several times a week. 

Lucky for me, I didn't need power tools for this project, heck, I barely used any tools at all for this one.  But it is definitely something that will remind me just how much I like being "tough."

What inspired me for this project was this little sample card of silver vinyl.  I picked up a sample pack from 3M awhile ago and when I saw the Brushed Aluminum, I knew it would be perfect for this. I also had these little square charm things hanging around, you know, because that kinda stuff just accumulates around my craft space. The little square is just some scrap paper that I cut down to size.

Making this necklace was super easy, I just glued the square paper into the metal charm, stuck the vinyl onto the paper and then put on a clear raised sticker over it.  I guess I could have used resin, but honestly, I haven't used resin before and it's a little intimidating.  Funny how I can be completely comfortable with a miter saw but the thought of using resin scares me.  

Isn't this necklace just adorbs?  And doesn't it just make me look tougher?  Of course it does!  Now go make one for yourself and we can be tough together!


  1. What's Adorbs? and watch your fingers when using the power tools! and resin? come on? I think I will ck out the Menu again!!!!!!!!

  2. Super cute! Thanks for sharing with us at Pin Worthy Wednesday! I have also pinned this to our Pin Worthy Pinterest Board!


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