Sunday, October 5, 2014

Book shelves; IKEA hack

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When I redid Lucy's room, she requested that I add more space for books in her room.  This is, of course, on top of the like three book shelves she has throughout the house.  But because she asked for more space for books, I had no choice but to oblige. 

So lucky for Lucy, I had some IKEA spice racks laying around just for this occasion.  When we first moved to the PNW, I was stupid excited to be so close to an IKEA, I mean WHO WOULDN'T BE!!! And on my first trip to IKEA, I stocked up on spice racks. Back in the day when you would log into Pinterest they were ev-er-where.  I feel like you just don't see a good IKEA spice rack hack anymore...well until today, because there isn't much that is cuter than how Lucy's bedroom came out!

In her old bedroom setup, I had two of these hung up in her room by her bed and they were painted a flat blue and yellow.  But, those definitely wouldn't have matched this fancy garden bedroom!

I told Lucy that I was going to paint her new shelves pink, purple and a fresh yellow. After that paint was dry, I sprayed them over with some glitter spray paint and even though I hate glitter, she needed some sparkle!

Lucy was super excited with her shelves!  Now all I have to find a super fabulous reading chair or cushion or SOMETHING for her reading corner!  Do you have any suggestions because I can't find anything for under $60 that we like. 

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