Saturday, October 11, 2014

Calendar block

A few weeks ago, I was walking around the U-District with my friends and we stumbled into Impress.  OK, we didn't stumble upon it, we went with the sole intent on stopping in, I mean, it's a stamp store.  It's amazing (and no I have not been paid to say this, I simply LOVE this store!)!

So out of the millions of things I wanted to buy and take home, what I ended up taking home was a little small pad of calendar flips.  They are tiny too, about a 1/2x1-1/5 inches and so stinking cute I couldn't not buy them, especially for only $3 for 8 of them.

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the garage, geez, I feel like I say that all the time.  But, well, we have a bunch of scrap wood.  I also grabbed a bunch of washi tape, because what isn't more awesome than washi tape?

After I was finished, I glued the calendar on and then all was well and done!  Pretty simple right? Probably the most simple thing ever.  Anyone want one?  I have 7 more calendar pads left over!

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  1. Um, YES! I want one! So cute. And yes, you do always say you go to your scrap wood pile. I ripped out falling shelves in my garage yesterday and guess what - now I have my very own SCRAP WOOD PILE!! Woo hoo!!


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