Monday, October 6, 2014

Dexter's Race Track

It's no surprise around here that Dexter is obsessed with Cars.  As a matter of fact, before he could say mom or dad, he said car.  Everything was car.  So, he obviously needed a cars themed birthday, which you might remember seeing here.

One of the things I made for his birthday was this super cool racetrack for all the kids to play on with their race cars that they colored at the party. And they all loved it.  

Making it wasn't all that hard either, it just took some time and patience.  I pulled some scrap wood from the garage and spray painted it in yellow first, then orange under that, and then lastly red at the bottom.  I know these pictures are horrible, but I was working on this late at night while everyone was sleeping.  

When it was dry, I used a flame pattern that pieced together using my Silhouette.  I cut it out of vinyl and then stuck it onto the wood.  I pressed down really hard and then spray painted the board in this really pretty blue spray paint.  After that was dry, I pulled up the vinyl and TADA! brilliance!

I added some checkered duct tape to the bottom to represent the finish line.  I didn't glue it on because, well, duct tape is duct tap.

Then it was time for the tracks.  I used a very thin balsa wood that I picked up from the craft store and painted it black.  I glued it down using wood glue that ended up not sticking as well as I thought it would and about a month later, Dexter had ripped them off, so I had to reglue them with E6000.

I was going to built this with a stand so that it would stand on it's own, but really, where would I put something like this to store it when we were done playing with it?  Instead, I glued on a little block of wood to the back so that it can lean on the table, the couch, anything really and they can play.  When they are done with it, it fits perfectly under the couch.  Our of sight and out of the way!

This track has provided my kids with hours and hours of fun.  

Oh and look, Dexter autographed it!

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  1. U did a GREAT job on those flames.........I'm going to have flames painted on my new car......Maybe U should fly down and paint them.........And dog sit while Candy and I goto California!!!!!!!


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