Monday, October 6, 2014

Enjoy a Frosty and benefit a great cause #frosty4adoption #ad

Let me age myself a little...

Back in the day, as they say, my dad used to take us to Wendy's every now and then to get a Frosty. They were only 99 cents and back then, when my dad was a single dad and working two jobs while going to school full time to become a teacher, being able to do those little things, like getting a Frosty, was a big deal, not only to him, but to my brother and me.  

And it was those little things that meant so much to me growing up, spending time with my dad when I knew that he had school and homework waiting for him at home.  And I remember it was during one of those times when I asked my dad why Wendy's was called Wendy's and why there was a little redheaded little girl on the sign.  My dad told me the story about how Dave Thomas adopted a little girl named Wendy and how Dave named his place after her.  And I am pretty sure back then I wasn't too sure what adoption meant, because I remember my dad telling me about that too.  

It's funny how something as simple as a Frosty can rekindle those memories.  

Since then, the Frosty has always held a special place in my heart, so when Wendy's does their annual Frosty coupon book, I always make sure to load up since n

  • inety cents of every $1 Halloween Coupon Book sold between September 13 – October 31, 2014 will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®. Coupons are valid for use: November 1, 2014 through February 1, 2015.

  • A few other tidbits about Wendy's and Dave Thomas...

    • In 1990, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s®, accepted President George H.W. Bush’s invitation to be the spokesperson for a national adoption awareness campaign. Just two years later, Dave established The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® as a non-profit public charity with one primary goal: to help every child in foster care find a loving, permanent family.
    • For 22 years, Wendy’s® has supported foster care adoption.
    • The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® believes that we have a responsibility to be the voice of foster care adoption, so that every child finds a family. As founder Dave Thomas said, “These children are not someone else’s responsibility. They are our responsibility.” The DTFA exist to find homes for children who are waiting to be adopted from foster care in North America.
    • Thanks to Wendy’s® consumers and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®, 4,000+ children have found adoptive families.

  • Visit your local Wendy’s® to purchase a Jr. Frosty™ Halloween Coupon Book* for $1, which benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®!

    *Coupon book may contain coupons for 5 or 10 free Jr. Frosty™ treats. Prices and participation may vary. Ninety cents to every $1 coupon booklet sold between 9/15/14 and 10/31/14 will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®. Coupons valid from 11/1/14 through 2/1/15. ©2014 Oldemark LLC.

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    1. Now that I've hit the big time, I goto Wendy's for the "Double Stack".........I have to maintain my girlish figure so no Frosties for me!!!


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