Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Photo Backdrop

This post was sponsored by Blueprint Social and Tulip.  All opinions and comments are my own.

You guys, it doesn't happen very often that when I do a project, it turns out exactly how I envisioned it, but as I was working on this one, every piece fell into place PERFECTLY!

It started off with Tulip glow paint.  Don't tell my mom, but I love all things glow in the dark!  So I knew the minute I found out I got approved for this campaign that I would do nothing short of ROCKING it!

The first thing I did was I took this plain white sheet and dyed it purple.  Originally I was going to leave it white, but while I was sketching out designs, I knew it had to be purple.  I also wanted a marbling effect with it.  While I have never done much tie dying before, I also couldn't find much online to show me exactly how to get the look I was going for.  So I just winged it and tossed the sheet all bunched up in a bucket of purple dye and let it sit for 5 hours.  When I took it out of the bucket and washed it, this is how it looked.  Perfection.

Here is a prime example on why my neighbors probably hate me.  I laid the sheet out on my driveway and went to town with some flat black spray paint.  I wasn't getting clean lines like I wanted to I took some old cardboard and used it as a stencil.  It also turned into a fun little performance apparently, all the kids on our block came over to watch me paint. 

Lucy told me she was going to supervise.

I am telling you, as I was painting, I just kept getting more and more excited!

After the outline was done, I colored it in.  I didn't want it to be completely solid black because I wanted it to be worn looking.

And here is my favorite part, the tree.  I couldn't believe how great it came out!!  Behind it, I painted the moon with yellow spray paint and then I went over that with light mists of white paint.  When that was all dry, I painted over it with some of the glow in the dark paint.

When the spray paint was done drying, Lucy and I went out and painted in the windows with the Tulip paint.

We had to use about three coats for it to shine as brightly as we got it to.

When it was all dry, Matt had to help me hang it.  Problem with using such a large sheet was that I am not tall enough to hang it alone, But thankfully I have a super tall hubby!  We turned on the black light and look, magic happened!

I seriously could not be more excited about this one!  I cannot wait to use this at my Halloween party next weekend!  It's going to blow some minds!  

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  1. Now THAT is pretty much OK!!!!!...........

  2. I love your idea. It turned out great!

  3. Brilliant! This is so cool since it works for day and night.

  4. Very cool!
    Visiting from Do Tell Tuesday! :)

  5. Amazing girl. I love it! Such a great idea. :)


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