Friday, October 17, 2014

Harry Potter inspired necklaces part duex

I guess one of the best parts about having a crafting challenge of working with wood is that some projects don't actually have to be of real wood, they could be of faux wood right?  Sure why not, lets go with that for a bit!  

Today I bring you another Harry Potter inspired necklace, well, actually, three!  What can I say, I love Harry Potter, don't judge...or do, whatever, I am fine either way!

This Firebolt necklace was made with clay.  Yea, you heard me, polymer clay!  It's the same clay I used when I made those magnetic necklaces a while back, remember?  What brought this one on, was I was watching Harry Potter with the kids and Lucy said she wanted to make a cauldron.  We went and got the clay out and started playing with it.  I naturally went online and started searching out clay Harry Potter images because I wanted to test my skillz.  

I came across these broom earrings and decided that I needed something similar in my life.  So Lucy created her own stuff and I worked on this broom.  Then, knowing I would probably never wear the earrings that I was using as my inspiration, I made a scarf necklace too.  I used the trimmings to drape over the broom handle so that it would properly represent Griffindor too.  

When I was done with the broom, I used my xacto blade to make some wood like markings in the handle and then popped these babies in the oven following the manufacture's directions on baking.  In no time, they were completed and ready to be strung up with a chain.  

 Then to just top off my nerdiness...I saw a fun little package of glass bottles at Ben Franklin while I was window shopping and decided that everyone needed their very own bottle of Felix Felises to carry around with them for their own liquid luck.  Of course, I added a pair of wire glasses to them just as a reminder.

So see, not all necklaces need to be actual wood, they could look like wood too!

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