Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lucy's picket fence bed

Today starts my October series of 31 Days of Crafting with Wood!  I am so stinking excited to get going with this!  I am also starting a month of giveaways and I got a lot coming for you guys!  It starts today with a giveaway that I've teamed up with as my friend Cori from Let's Eat Grandpa! Make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom for the rafflecopter!  And now...Day 1!!

Let me just preface this post with telling you that this is going to be probably the worst tutorial ever, which is why I am not even going to label it a tutorial.  I had a vision in my head on how to make it, and that was it.  Matt, hater of all things not planned, obliged only because it was Mother's Day when he built it.  So we measured as we went and made lame sketches as we Matt built.  So stick with me on this lamest of all tutorials.  

Matt, also known as the best husband ever, begrudgingly built Lucy's new bed for me, starting and finishing it on the same day (which has never happened in the history of Matt's projects ever).  We used mostly scrap wood from the garage, except for the fence posts which we picked up at Home Depot for $1.50 each.   

Our garage was in no shape to work in so we just set up shop in our front yard.  I am sure our neighbors love us.  

The headboard and footboard have 7 fence posts each.  We cut them in 1 inch increments so they would be arched.  This, of course, is all based on preference.  You can leave yours all the same height. We also had to account for the hide-a-bed that will be going under her frame, so ours was built to be higher than a normal sized bed. 

We used 2x4s as the side posts to hold the cross sections.  The larger piece of wood behind the posts was a scrap piece left over in our garage from some other project from long long ago.

The fence posts were raw wood and had splinters sticking out everywhere on them.  I grabbed up the sander and gave them all a good sanding before Matt screwed them all together.  I new that the paint would also seal them, but I wanted to make sure I most of the roughness off them.

When they were all put together, Matt measured how tall we would need to make the side pieces since we were putting another mattress under it.  Then he added extra 2x4 pieces leaving a gap where the cross piece would be (this is quite possibly the worst explanation ever.  I am sorry!).

Ok, here is a better picture of what we did on the sides.  See the gap that was made for the cross boards?  Also, ignore my yard.  I diligently avoided weeding while building supervising the build of this bed.

Here you can see the cross boards that we put in.  On the inside, there is a 1x1 piece of wood to hold up the box spring.  

And here is the final product, I think the kids approve!  

Lucy absolutely adores her new bed too!  She even wrote a paper on it in school too.  However, the funny part is, I am sure her teacher thought that she meant her daddy just fixed the blankets!

And of course, here is a picture of her main wall.  I absolutely ADORE how her room came out!

This post was the first in my 31 Days of Crafting with Wood!  Make sure to come back and check out the rest!

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  1. I love that Lucy wrote that I 'made her bed' rather than 'made her A bed'.

  2. Her whole room looks fabulous!


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