Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pumpkin earrings made from wood

Last year I made pumpkin earring out of PVC pipe and I loved them.  This year, I decided to go with the same idea but this time I wanted to use wood.  After a big wind storm we had here in Seattle, my yard was littered with branches.  I took one of those branches and cut it into small pieces, maybe a 1/4 inch thick with my miter saw. 

I painted them orange and used a sharpie to make the jack-o-lantern face.  Like the washi tape earrings I made a while back, I drilled a small hole on the top so I could add the metal piece to hook it to the earring (could I be more technical right now?).

And BAM!  Brilliance.  I actually loved these more than the PVC pipe earrings last year.  Lucy liked them more too and asked me to make her a pair.  Well, we'll see about that. 

This is Day 2 of my Crafting with Wood Series!

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  1. I like those and it seems as though more people are celibrating Halloween these days.....When I was a kid, I was too scared to party on Halloween!(at least until I became a rotten teenager!)


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