Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some quick wood projects

Sometimes, there are wood projects that I do that are too simple for a full tutorial or a post of their own.  Instead of trying to stretch each of these projects to their own post, I am just going to lump them all together!

A wooden stick necklace
I took one of the left over pieces from the picture frame I made and screwed an eye screw into it and put it on a chain.  It's now my "Colorado" necklace. 

The napkin ring
I picked up these wooden napkin rings from Ben Franklin, my local craft store, and I painted them teal.  They kinda reminded me of the PVC napkin rings I made last year.  The best part is, you can paint them any color you want to fit any occasion.

The Race Board
I made this out of an old wooden cutting board that I found at the thrift store for $1.  I painted it teal, then sprayed it with a red glitter spray from Krylon.  Then I put the quote on with vinyl.  I screwed in two little hooks and then hole punched my racing bibs.  Now I have a daily reminder that I "CAN DO THIS!"  Also, I thought it to be a little ironic that I hate running and I hate glitter and this board has both of that.

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