Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Week's Menu

My best friend came into town on Thursday and sadly she left today.  We had the best time ever!  See the thing about best friends, is that you don't have to see them every day to stay in touch...its the bonds that keep you close.  So even though it's been two years since she's been here and almost three years since we've lived in the same city, we picked things back up just as if I had seen her at work yesterday.

She helped me do the finishing touches for my mommy group's big Halloween party (which she's a saint for because she doesn't have kids right now), we visited the Ballard Locks and ate lots of great food and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I was so sad today when she left.  I am not sure when I will see her next, but I just hope it's soon.

I also wanted to hit on a few big things that have been going on here in my little space in the interwebs...I've been accepting a few sponsored posts lately, more than I normally do.  I wanted to let you guys know that I am very careful with what I want to promote here and that I only accept campaigns that I agree with, products I use/really like, and things I feel comfortable sharing.  I have the benefit of this still being my hobby and not my job which is why you won't see many, if any, ads here.  So you can rest assured that I won't be littering my page with just random ads.

For this week's menu, I am taking it slightly easy...I mean, it is my birthday week after all!  I also have to get my house prepped because my mom will be here in a couple of weeks!

Monday- chicken yakisoba
Tuesday- easy tacos
Wednesday- shepards pie
Thursday- tuna melts on croissants
Friday- pizza
Saturday-  dinner this night gets tricky, I need to plan something but it's my birthday and I don't know if Matt has something planned, so I am going to go for leftovers and if we eat out, then Sunday we will have leftovers.
Sunday- leftovers

I am skipping this week's jokes and pictures of Lucy's lunches because last week was hectic, I didn't take pictures again and I'm so busy with the wood projects this month, I couldn't dedicate time to the jokes this week.  But I'll be back on track next week!


  1. Taco Tuesday is my Favorite.....Glad U had fun with your friend.......So now U have a Birthday Week!......

  2. Your month of wood projects has inspired me to finish some of my half done wood project ideas, so keep the ideas coming!! And Happy Birthday week!!


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