Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upcycled candle stick holders

A few months ago, I was approached to participate in this Drab to Fab challenge.  The idea was that each blogger would go to the thrift store, pop some tags and send our find to someone else to upcycle.

Without knowing my idea for the 31 day challenge, my person sent me these fabulous wooden candle stick holders.

The first thought I had was that it was only natural thing to make a cake stand, but being that it is Halloween season, I knew they needed to be painted black and they needed to be added to my Halloween decor.  Sometimes, less is more ya know?

So I grabbed my Krylon spray paint and went to town.

And since I had the chalkboard paint out, I went ahead and just painted a bunch of other stuff too. Chalkboard paint is probably one of my most favorite's up there with washi tape.

While I was waiting for the paint on the candle sticks to dry, I went ahead to make some faux candles for them.

Last year, you might remember, I made some PVC pipe faux candles.  To me, they came out horrible. I know they still look, umm okay from a distance, but for me, I hated them.  The reason they came out so poorly was because I learned you needed a high heat hot glue gun to really get the melted wax effect.  My poor low heat gun stood no chance.

So I invested the whole $4 they cost from Michaels, I got got myself a high heat gun.  In less than 10 minutes, I had three PVC pipe candles done with much much better results, don't you think?

When the glue was dry, I gave them a quick spray down with Krylon paint in white and then glued them to the candle sticks holders. The end result, well, lets just say I was happy!

Because I didn't use PVC that was large enough to fit a LED candle, I just put some glow sticks in them.  I love how it looked!

Setting them on my mantel in the dark made them pop even more!  The small glow in the different colors really made a huge difference than just having the normal white light of the LED.

So how do you think my Drab to Fab project went over?  Also, don't forget to head on over to the other ladies blogs to see their upcycled projects!  There are some good ones!

 These are all the wonderful ladies that joined in on this fun challenge! 

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  1. Yes the HIGH Heat Gun made it look GOOOOD.........AND U have them displayed on a Wood table so there is another wood project.........So U are now about half way!!!!


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