Monday, October 27, 2014

Wood "bullet" necklace

On one of my trips to the hardware, I came across this little bag of wood pegs.  When I looked at them, I thought they looked exactly like little bullets.  Immediately, I knew I would have to make a wooden bullet necklace because, DUH, they are such a trend right now, said no one ever, but why should I let that stop me??

In order to spray these, I stuck thumb tacks thru a shoebox lid and then stuck them into the pegs.

And then I sprayed them with a copper paint.

When they were dry, I drilled little holes into them so that we could string thread in them. I say 'we' because I put my mom to work when she was here!

When all the pegs were drilled, my mom strung them together with these little faux silver beads in between.  My mom picked the red thread too.  

It's different right?  Maybe not a daily wear but definitely something fun!  It could also be switched up if you wanted to add it to a costume!  Again, the possibilities are endless! What would you do?

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