Friday, October 24, 2014

Wood Earrings Part 2

Trying to come up with 31 wood projects isn't as easy as you would think.  Even starting my projects and ideas back at the start of the summer, it's still challenging!  I mean, I've been working really hard on these projects.  But to get me from one big project to another, I have to fill some of that time with smaller projects.  

Which is why when I saw this balsa wood square dowel at Michael's a few days ago, I knew I could make something super fun with it.  I cut the dowel down to about 2.5 inches and then used a gold paint pen to draw a little gold block on it.  And I used a black paint pen to do the line above it. For the top, I screwed in an eye hook and then attached a fishhook earring. 

The BEST thing about this project, is that you can paint the earrings in any way, shape or fashion you want!  These could be a great with your favorite football colors or to match your outfit!  They are so easy and so inexpensive, you are going to want to make a pair to match everything!

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