Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wooden animal and object magnets

With the rainy days upon us, trying to find fun, captivating things to do inside becomes half the challenge.  The kids get cabin fever.  I get cabin fever, and it's all we can do to keep from going crazy.  

I wanted to try and make this year a little different, instead of running off to every inside play place in the Puget Sound, I wanted to make being home a little more fun.  

I found these little wooden animal figures at Michaels and Joann's.  I am sure you have seen them, they cost less than a dollar each and kids love them!  I knew that if I invested in a few of them and put magnets on them I could use them to create story boards or just work on words with Dexter.  

I just hot glued some magnets to the back of these suckers and stuck them onto the oil pan that I have screwed onto the wall in my craft room.  Now while I work, or while we were doing crafts, we can play with these too.  

What I loved the most about making these little magnets for Dex was that it really helped him with some words.  See we go two days a week to speech therapy and work really hard on building words and sentences.  With these little magnets we can make up stories like "the elephant rode in the car to pick up the giraffe."  It's funny how little things like that help him with those words and ideas!  

Lets hope this gives us one extra day of fun this winter!

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